About Pali Delights

We are a young, dynamic company specializing in the trade of Palestinian products. A feature of our online shop is that we combine all existing Palestinian products throughout Europe on a single platform. Our range is therefore regularly expanded.

Palestine is a very fertile region. Fruits, vegetables, almonds and herbs thrive here. But the world only regards Palestine as a crisis region with no future perspectives.


This is exactly where Pali Delights wants to start a change. We offer you the opportunity to buy Palestinian products in all over Europe!


We also offer a platform for artists from Palestine to sell their own art.


Local entrepreneurs and artists gain access to international markets through trade and the work of our partners. Thus they generate income and secure their existence and grow, even if it is slow growth.


Fairtrade and high-quality products are also important factors for us. Accordingly, our products are Fairtrade, organic and vegan certified. See the respective product description.

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